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Titan Public Relations

a student-run pr agency


Our mission is to provide hands-on experience for students at California State University, Fullerton, who strive to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting. Titan Public Relations provides an environment for students to become comfortable with public relations, teamwork and job skills to better prepare them for careers in the industry through pro-bono work for local clients recruited ourselves.

Let's get started!


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Sarah, account executive

I love TPR because it gave me a sense of community even when we did everything virtually and gave me an opportunity to practice my PR skills! I also got to make connections I wouldn't have been able on my own!


Brandon, account Coordinator

I loved my first semester with TPR. I felt like I was able to really get a general look into being on a PR team with a client to produce content. I love the atmosphere and the members and work that we created along the way.


Eva, Account coordinator

I was so excited to join TPR because I wanted PR experience outside of the classroom. I'm so grateful to work with such a fantastic team and client and can't wait to take what I've learned to grow as a PR professional.

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Recent clients we've worked with

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