About LOVE & Laughter Music Group

LOVE & LAUGHTER MUSIC GROUP (LLMG) is constantly keeping its pulse on the ever-changing music industry. Their core mission is to create excellent music, and provide a warm, fun, and creative working environment for their clients as they reach for the stars. They value great collaboration, diversity, and innovation at their studios and are very passionate about what they do.

Projects & Campaigns

Our team provides social media consultation and assets creation, media pitches, day of event photography and brand promotion.

Irvine moms


Irvine Moms provides families the gift of time by helping inspire curated experiences in our community. Parents will find resources to help navigate activities and a monthly calendar to plan and help save them time. Along with blog posts covering recipes, news in our community and celebrating moms as they highlight a mom and dad in their Monthly Spotlight. They have curated over 25 events and worked with brands to help amplify brand awareness and create unique experiences for parents in the community to engage and foster new friendships and support each other.

projects & campaigns

Our team provides social media counseling and assistance (primarily on Facebook), creates assets for the client, press release writing, day of event photography and media list development.

The Magic Glasses Comic Series

About The magic Glasses 

‘The Magic Glasses’ is a series of comic books acting as a voice for young Latina women who are trying to live life under the grip of the world’s opinions. Based on real scenarios that have occurred in the past, this is based on Melina’s Story. There are two books in the series and another one about to be released in early June, written by Melina Chavarria, and illustrated by Jean Munson. The goal is to empower young Latina women and the community around them.

Projects & Campaigns

Our team provides social media consultations and assistance in creating assets as well as promotion and digital marketing material.

About Driscoll Salazar Disabilities Insurance Company

Driscoll Salazar Disabilities provides disability insurance to people with mental or physical disabilities. Their primary purpose is to provide Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) throughout Southern California to help those unable to work for at least 12 months or more basic expenses such as food, clothing and shelter.

Projects & Campaigns

Our team provides social media consultation, digital media assets and photography/videography.



Robert E. Rayfeild Chapter is one of the largest in the nation. Continuously, the Chapter has proven themselves as a distinguished part of the PRSSA community. From holding their widely anticipated panels, to hosting the 2019 PRSSAInternational Conference, the CSUF Chapter is known for advancing the organization nationwide. The next big endeavor the Chapter is undertaking is with their new sponsorship program titled, PRSSA PALS. This program allows anyone to donate to the Chapter, allowing it to grow and further enhance the benefits of its future and current members

Projects & campaigns 

Our team provides social media consultation, digital media assets and photography/videography.

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