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Titan Public Relations, California State University, Fullerton’s Student-run public relations firm, partnered with Working Wardrobes in spring 2017. Working Wardrobes wanted to increase donations, increase the number of volunteers, outreach to a target audience, and create partnerships with local businesses.


Titan Public Relations’ goal for Working Wardrobes was to increase awareness of the nonprofit organization, to engage students to increase volunteer signups and to increase donations.



Working Wardrobes was established in 1990 with the intention of being a one-time-only event titled “Day of Self-Esteem” benefiting women from six local shelters. The organization gained non-profit status in 1995 and now helps over 70,000 men, women, veterans, and young adults re-enter the workforce.


Working Wardrobes provides the following services to their clients:

  • Computer labs and internet access to help clients apply for jobs, upload resumes, and research industries/job trends

  • Access to a career resource library with books and information on interview and job skills

  • Individual meetings with coaches to practice interview skills and review resumes

  • VetNet, a program that provides special career services for veterans returning to the workforce

  • Customer service training programs and training for specific industries

  • Thrift store locations providing professional and casual clothing, proceeds go towards Working Wardrobes’ client services

  • Styling workshops to learn how to dress professionally and appropriately for jobs and interviews

  • Community events like Men’s Graduation to celebrate their clients’ success


Working Wardrobes clients include people who have gone through struggles such as alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial loss. The clients are referred to Working Wardrobes from over 60 programs throughout Southern California.


Working Wardrobes values include providing services with an atmosphere of dignity for their clients, achieving sustainability for clients and company with integrity, celebrating the success of clients, partners, donors, and volunteers, partnering with other organizations in the community, and engaging the power of volunteers.



  • Prepared a communications plan based on secondary research.

  • Frequent communication with the client through email regarding:

  1.    - Deadlines

  2.    - Project updates

  • Organized a social event/clothing drive at Choux Creme to promote clothing donations to Working Wardrobes

  • Invited social media influencers to come out to meet with fans and promote the event, Choux Creme and Working Wardrobes

  • Pitched to local dessert shops to host the event

  • Outreached to on-campus organizations about volunteer, donation, and collaborative opportunities

  • Contacted necessary media outlets to implement specific tactics

  1.    - Ex: Daily Titan, OC Register



  •  Created a social event at Choux Creme to promote clothing donations to Working Wardrobes

  •  Pitched to Daily Titan about the social event and participated in an interview where we spoke about Working Wardrobes and the on-campus organization's collaboration.

  • Pitched to social media influencers and ensured Choux Creme provided samples of ice cream items to create a post about Working Wardrobes and Choux Creme

  • Created a media alert to send out to media and obtained media impressions from The Daily Titan and Orange County Register

  • Set up a photo booth and planned a mannequin decorating contest for the event  


























●      884 items were donated during the clothing drive event at Choux Creme

●      Donation drive featured on OC Register

●      Successfully organized @threadsnbreads and @riaxla to participate in event and wardrobe contest

●      Held a raffle eligible for those who donated clothes and had a competition open to all guests

●     Facebook event reached 2.6K members and generated 579 views

●      Increased brand awareness about WW and TPR to students at CSUF and local community members

●      Held three competitions involving dressing a mannequin with donated item; each winner was awarded a $5 dollar gift card


Titan Public Relations, California State University, Fullerton’s Student-run public relations firm, partnered with Vividly Couture in spring 2017. Vividly Couture wanted to start social media traffic towards their social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram).



  • Prepared a social media calendar for the month of April and May

  • Created graphics for our client’s giveaways and other media content



  • Posted on social media three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

  • Kept constant communication through email and text regarding giveaway information, post style, and captions for the content

  • Implemented the hashtag #vividgal and emojis to her request.



  • Increased the client’s following by about 200 followers

  • Each post received an average of about 70 likes


Improvements for us:

  • Should have taken screenshots of the number of Instagram and Twitter followers before we started to see the progress we made in the end

  • Suggest more media content


Recommendations for the client:

  • Interact with other social media pages and follow hashtags

  • Conduct a survey to see what customers would want to see on an Instagram feed

  • Create different content for Instagram and Twitter

  • Utilize Instagram Story and Instagram Live more often to show behind the scenes footage:

    • photo shoots

    • personal style

Titan Public Relations, California State University, Fullerton’s Student-run public relations firm, began working with North Orange County Chamber of Commerce in spring 2017. NOCC wanted to create a new brand called Made in NOC Economic Development Corporation in order to bring new businesses to the North Orange County area.


Titan Public Relations goal for NOCC was to create the brand from scratch through the creation of a logo and a media kit that would represent the goals and mission of this new economic development corporation.




Derek Kirk, Director of Community & Gov. Relations, provided information on his goals and background of the development of Made in NOC. It began as a project titled North Orange County Economic Development Project. Kirk renamed the brand as Made in NOC Economic Development Corporation to be more appealing and fresh.


The nine cities recognized under Made in NOC are Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Placentia, Stanton, and Yorba Linda.


North Orange County features a number of successful businesses including:

  • Pepsi Bottling Group, located in Buena Park, CA

  • Kraft Foods, Inc. produces Lunchables, located in Fullerton, CA

  • CVS Distribution Center, located in La Habra, CA

  • California State University of Fullerton is the largest Cal State University campus and it continues to prepare students to do well in their specific fields of business.


Other Economic Development Corporations researched to gain better understanding on how to brand Made in NOC:

  • Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

  • Economic Development Corporation of Southwest California

  • Fresno County EDC

  • Southland EDC

  • San Diego Regional EDC

  • Clovis EDC


Research based on powerpoint from regional outlook:

  • North Orange County collectively has a median household income of $76, 812.40 per year

  • The median age of NOC is 37 years old

  • In 2015, 24.4% of people living in North Orange County has Bachelor Degrees and 23.8% of those people live in North Orange County

  • In 2015, 63.7% of North Orange County’s population was between 18-64

  • In 2015, 60.7% of the population in North Orange County resided in owned homes and 39.3% of the population resided in rented housing

  • In 2015 North Orange County had a:

    • 13% industry growth in Entertainment and Hospitality

    • 9% industry growth in Education and Health Care

    • 8% industry growth in Agriculture

    • 11% industry growth in Information Services


Pull Up Banner Research:

  • Vista Print- create a 33.13 inch by 86.18 inch custom retractable banner for $140

    • Final design created on Vista Print and sent to Derek for purchase

  • Build a Sign- create a 78 inch by  33 inch trade show display banner for $64.99

  • U Printing- create a 24 inch by 70 inch X Banner for $78.27



  • Prepared a communications plan based on secondary research

  • Maintained frequent communication with client through email and text regarding:

    • Deadlines

    • Materials

    • Feedback on created material and project updates

  • Organized and brainstormed most important statistics to include in our Media Kit and brochure

  • Outlined what materials would be essential to assist in presenting the brand at ICSC ReCon real estate convention

  • Developed a color scheme for the brand to create materials



  • Created a brand for Made in NOC including a logo using Adobe Illustrator and a mission statement from our compiled research.

    • Mission statement: Made in NOC promotes the diverse people and culture that are made in North Orange County as well as supporting and encouraging business owners to start and expand their businesses in North Orange County.

  • Created a Media Kit for Made in NOC to be distributed at ICSC ReCon real estate convention including an informational brochure, fact sheet, media alert and news release

    • Used Adobe Illustrator to create our informational brochure which included our created mission statement and logo, as well as research on demographics and thriving north orange county businesses.

    • Fact sheet highlighted the most important statistics as well as contact information for our NOCC contact Derek Kirk.

  • Created a website using Wix under the purchased domain

  • Designed a pull up banner for Derek to purchase through Vistaprint to be used at ICSC ReCon real estate convention and other similar events.

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